Henry Ford Trade School was opened October twenty fifth, nineteen hundred sixteen, with six boys and one instructor. In 1931 the enrollment rose to 2800, with 135 instructors. The time for students was divided between the school shop and the classroom where customary high school subjects were studied.


The school was organized to give needy boys an opportunity to help support themselves and to retain their interest in education. To accomplish the first purpose, each boy was awarded a cash scholarship which was paid to him regularly.


Incorporated under a Michigan statute, the school was operated as a non-profit enterprise. It had a floor space of about three acres set apart for its exclusive use. All the equipment in the class and shop departments was the best.....

"Henry Ford's Assembly Line"


From the first Model-T in Dearborn, MI to a company exporting vehicles around the world, Ford cars,trucks, and tractors have become a worldwide household name. His gamble of paying 5 dollars a day created a middle class.

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