April 25, 2017

The weather surrounding Lawrence Technological University campus was a tad brisk and had overcast skies. This was brushed aside by men who as young boys had stood in Safety Zones waiting for streetcars at six o’clock in the morning in any type of Bust of Henry Fordweather. Trade School “boys” and their guests, including widows of Students started arriving displaying their Badges proudly worn on the left shoulder. Other Alumni Association members had distinguishing memorabilia identifying themselves as well. The Henry Ford Heritage Association was well represented by Richard and Ruth Gatza, Mark Campbell, and Mike Skinner. Jeff Dunlap from the Henry Ford was also in attendance.

Folding chairs encircled a shrouded figure set in a small grotto resplendent with flowers and a flowering tree. Promptly at 10:15 am the program began with a “Welcome” from Kristen DeVries who introduced the luminaries from the University, Edsel Ford II and Bob Kreipke, Ford Historian. With remarks from LTU President Virinander Moudgil, and HFTS Alumni Association President George Banda, the unveiling took place with Edsel Ford II, George Banda, Virinder Mougdil, and Douglas Ebert. Bob Hill gave an introduction to the Sculptress, Michaele Duffy Kramer.

The program ended with an invitation to take photographs and to take part in a reception where light refreshments were served.

John J. Graf

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